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        To Get The Final Printed Page Numbers To Match The Page

       Numbers As They Appear On The Table Of Contents Sheet...


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These steps are no longer necessary with our newest version.  Our latest updates

have automatied this process, so you no longer have to decipher it yourself.



You can convert the entire report to a PDF file.  Scroll down to see how.  Steps 1 thru 11 are the same for the print option and the PDF option...step 12 is when the process will change.  If your version of Excel does not have this PDF feature, you can get free PDF converters on the internet.  They typically work from the printer menu, so you would follow the steps below for the print option.


When you go to print your report, Excel automatically assigns "Page 1" to the first page in the report.  Since the first page is the cover sheet, and the second page is the Table Of Contents, the next page after the Table Of Contents will be printed with "Page 3" on it.  Unfortunately, this does not match the page numbers as they will appear in the Table Of Contents.  The next page, after the Table Of Contents, is shown as "Page 1" on the Table Of Contents sheet, not "Page 3".  Fortunately, Excel provides you with a way to remedy this.  This is assuming you already have footers, or headers, setup on all of your sheets, that will display the page numbers when the report is printed.

For this method to work properly, the Table Of Contents sheet MUST be the second sheet in the report.  If you wait until the report is complete to generate the Table Of Contents, it will automatically be inserted as the second sheet.

If you rearrange the sheets, so the Table Of Contents sheet is in a different order than the second sheet in the report, you will have to enter a different number then we are suggesting in step-11.

Step - 1

Select the "Table Of Contents" tab at the bottom of the workbook.

Step - 2

Click the "Print Preview" button

Step - 3

In the lower left corner, you will see the Table Of Contents consists of a specific number pages.  It will show "Page 1 of  #".  Make note of that total number of pages.  In the image to the left, the total number pages is shown as 3

Step - 4

Select the "Cover Sheet" tab at the bottom of the workbook.

Step - 5

Click on "File"

Step - 6

Click on "Print"

Step - 7

Click on "Page Setup"

Step - 8

Click on the "Header/Footer" tab

Step - 9

Select the "Different first page" check box

Step - 10

Click on the "Page" tab

Step - 11

In the "First page number:" box, enter the total number of pages for the Table Of Contents.  This was found in Step - 3 above.  But, enter this number as a negative value:

For example:  -3

Click "OK"

Step - 12 Print Option

Click on the "Print Active Sheets" button

Step - 12 PDF Option

  • Click on the "Save & Send" button

  • Click on the rectangular "Create PDF/XPS Document " button

  • Click on the square "Create PDF/XPS" button

Step - 13 Print Option

Choose "Print Entire WorkBook"

Step - 13 PDF Option

  • Type in the file name you want

  • Click on the "Options" button

Step - 14 Print Option

Print your report

Step - 14 PDF Option

  • Choose "Entire Workbook"

  • Click on the "OK" button


Step - 15 PDF Option

Click on the "Publish" button


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