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Change Company Name And Logo

1.  Click on the "Page Layout" tab at the top of the page

2.  Click on the "Margins" button

3.  Click the "Custom Margins..." button at the button of the menu


In the frame that pops up:

1.  Click on the "Header/Footer" tab at the top of the frame

2.  Click on the "Custom Header..." button


Our Logo is in the Left can remove and add any logo you want.

You can adjust the size of the logo by clicking the Format Picture button.

As a reference, our logo is... Height: 0.40"    Width: 0.40"



The Company Name is in the Center Section.

You can adjust the font size, color and style by clicking the Format Text button.

But first, you must highlight the text, in the Center Section, that you want to change.

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